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NWACC Poverty Simulation

RMCC CPI staff - Lura, Tami, Amanda, Charlotte

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PTC Kathleen Sebelius, Tom Baker,
 Dr. Karon Rosa

NAC Graduation

I Love Career Pathways Because.......

  • "...they helped me to believe in myself."
  • "...they provide me with resources to be successful."
  • "...they are encouraging & helped me find a way to go back to school."
  • "...they made it easier to complete my education."
  • "...the staff has been so supportive during my return to college."
  • "...they taught me how to set goals and how to achieve them."
  • "...the staff is always there for you, no matter what!"
  • "...they care & motivate me to do my best!"


Staff and Student Workshops


Red Clay and Vinegar

CPI Director Retreat

UA Cooperative Extension


CPI Director Retreat

CPI Annual Conference was held at Lake Point Conference Center on February 23-24. “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work” was the theme. Directors Bassett, DWS, and Powell, ADHE, made opening remarks for Program Directors and ADHE/CPI staff. College Count$, national research project on CPI data led by Dr. Katherine Boswell, reported to the group and campus TAG teams were recognized (See Group picture). CPI personnel with 10 years of service in the same area were recognized the first evening with a celebration and awards (Lisa Fuller, Mark Lane and Karon Rosa-ADHE) (See picture0. Tom Baker (See picture) and Kim Rawls received 10 year recognition as Program Directors. Monieca West, ADHE, trained the group on team work and leadership skills. Danny Shaull and Lisa Gober reported and were recognized for conducting an ADHE pilot at their sites.


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