Student Success Stories

UACCH - Shaneka
Your support has helped me to graduate with an Associate's Degree in Mortuary Science. Without your help, it would not have been possible. I am working for Marks Funeral Home. My experience with Career Pathways has led me to be a role model for my two girls, ages 17 and 10. They have witnessed you can never be too old or too poor to achieve your goals. I am now a successful single mom and they see that women can be as successful as men. With your help, you made my dream and my family a success story not a tragedy. Thank you so much !!!

 EACC - Bryan Renewable Energy Technology

Has Career Pathways helped you?

  • "Yes it has! If it was not for Pathways I would not be able to go back for my RN!..... Dana"
  • "I'm glad to be a part of Career Pathways because they are always there when I have questions and are always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. I have been in Career Pathways going into my second semester and I really appreciate everything that they do for me. They have given me the confidence to know I can do anything I put my mind to and succeed.....Jodi"
  • "Career Pathways has been a huge cheerleader in my corner. Personally and educationally these ladies have been supporters. I have gotten this far with their help and sometimes a hug!.....Samantha "
  • "Career Pathways has been great for me while I've been in school! No matter what problem I was facing, the staff of Career Pathways was always willing to find a way to help. I'm very grateful for all they've done for me!.....Katherine "


 ANC - Rachel volunteering at the Women's Health Fair

Student Comments

Could not have made it without CPI

  • "...they helped me to believe in myself."
  • "...they provide me with resources to be successful."
  • "...they are encouraging & helped me find a way to go back to school."
  • "...they made it easier to complete my education."
  • "...the staff has been so supportive during my return to college."
  • "...they taught me how to set goals and how to achieve them."
  • "...the staff is always there for you, no matter what!"
  • "...they care & motivate me to do my best!"


NAC - Angie
Angie is a single mother of two, who continued to work full time while achieving her goal of earning her RN degree. Upon graduation in 2012, she was offered multiple employment offers due to her outstanding nursing abilities and wonderful personality. Angie is currently employed at a local doctor &apos s office.

ANC - Valerie
People always say, "When one door closes, another one opens." What they do not tell you, is how to hold your head up, and walk through that door- leaving your comfort zone behind. Misery is a motivator, but motivation is ineffective without direction. CPI provides guidance to transition you from one "door" to the next. I have always imagined myself at a desk in an office. I was unsure of my abilities and lacked the confidence to pursue that dream prior to CPI. I discovered more about myself through Kuder assesments. Career training prepared me with the skills I needed to enter a professional office environment. CPI enhanced my abilities and confidence so that I was able to embrace positive change in my life. Because of CPI, I was able to find direction towards achieving my career goals.